The Moose & Finch Story
The Moose & Finch Story

The Moose & Finch Story

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For those of you that don’t know, my name is Maria and I am the founder of Moose & Finch. For a little while now I’ve wanted to start a blog series alongside my online clothing shop for littles to give you a better insight into the balancing act that is life as a small business owner and Mama - a Mumpreneur you could say? This blog will be filled with tips, ideas and real talk on motherhood, business + kids goodies in the hope that it gives you, my lovely website visitor, a bit of inspiration (and possibly procrastination) in your day to day life.

As this is my first blog post, it made sense to me to give you my story - so you can get to know a bit more about me, my business and the story behind it all. At first Moose & Finch was just a name to me, something that I came up with and kind of let it linger in my head for a few days then fell in love with. As the years went by, I slowly realised that it was a representation of my son Noah and I. Moose is the mother, strong powerful and loving. Finch is like a small child, innocent and pure.

That was back in 2014. At that point, my business just consisted of a handful of bibs that I sold to friends and family, occasionally at local markets. Eventually I started creating fun, colourful and bold printed shirts - all of which had their own individual character, to present boys with a brand to match their personality, creativity and flair. I then started creating clothes for girls, each garment consisted of unique ruffles, frills and designs - again to allow the everyday child to allow their individuality to shine bright.

Moose & Finch is now an online collection of over 20 unique designs for boys, girls and babies. My love and passion for adorning children grows stronger with each and every garment I design and create. I love the challenge of getting my thoughts and designs from paper to the finished product, and then seeing them on kids. My collection demonstrates my love for textures, fabrics, prints and colour and I love having the ability to showcase my creativity while simultaneously encouraging your child to express themselves freely. My mission is to always use raw and eco-friendly fabrics, while focusing on distinctive designs and high quality finishes.

Although I’ve come a long way, I would still love to take Moose & Finch a lot further… an absolute dream come true would be getting my business to the manufacturing stage and being showcased at different boutiques across Australia. It hasn’t always been easy, as many of you out there will know - balancing work, home life and motherhood is no walk in the park. My advice to any other Mamas out there thinking about taking the leap and starting their own business would be to prepare yourself for long hours and hard work, but to go with it with 100% effort if it’s truly your passion. And don’t forget to enjoy the process ;-) structure and lots of planning always helps with a business, but kids are something you definitely take one day at a time…

Thanks for tuning in, Maria x



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